Tasha Champion

"I empower women to embrace unapologetic joy and fulfillment in both their parenting and daily life, while prioritizing their well-being without guilt. By guiding them to embrace authenticity, they reclaim their happiness and live life on their own terms."


Through inspirational talks and transformative workshops, Tasha Champion ignites the spark of empowerment, guiding women to embrace their strength, reclaim their voices, and pursue their dreams with confidence and resilience.

Intuitive Healer

Leveraging intuitive insights to guide your path and empower your wellness journey with clarity and compassion. Tapping into the inner wisdom to create mind, body, soul, and spirit alignment.

Workshop Facilitator

Whether it's the annual sold out brunch, sister circles, retreats, or positive parenting classes, Tasha Champion creates engaging workshops in safe and supportive spaces where women can explore their potential, break through barriers, and cultivate the confidence to step into their power to rise, thrive and lead with purpose.

About us

Shenomenal began its journey as an anthology book born during the challenges of the pandemic in 2021. With its heartfelt stories and empowering narratives, the book quickly soared to become an Amazon #1 Best Seller. Rooted in the celebration of women's resilience and strength, Shenomenal embodies the essence of the extraordinary phenomenal woman.

From transformative coaching and mentoring programs to immersive workshops and an annual brunch event, Shenomenal provides women with the tools, support, and community they need to thrive. The brand's signature retreats offer a space for deep introspection and renewal, while the weekly show, "She is Shenomenal," amplifies the voices of remarkable women making a difference in the world.

At its core, Shenomenal is more than just a brand—it's a beacon of hope, resilience, and sisterhood. It's a movement dedicated to celebrating the inherent strength and beauty of every woman, inspiring them to embrace their power, live boldly, and make their mark on the world.

The Shenomenal Team is dedicated to empowering women by guiding them to discover and embrace their purpose, achieve their goals, and prioritize self-care. We provide support in navigating emotional pain and overwhelm, aiming to positively impact women's lives for a harmonious existence in mind, body, and spirit, free from guilt and shame.

Through coaching, events, workshops, and strategic partnership, we aim to lay and grow a foundation of women who empower women.

"I've never been one to do card readings but Tasha has always been spot on. She is a joy to speak with and listens with purpose. With each reading I walk away feeling re-centered and ready to take the things that were weighing on me."

--K.V. Ware

"Inspiration is always valuable and cherishable, but what is more, is the POWER that it emits. This book will achieve this for you...I am certain many in the audience of this book will quickly and emphatically relate to the stories; the fight within the journey, and uncertainty of perseverance..and the success that ensued once it was all endured. grab this book, and stay encourageable." -- RJ Williams

"I watch She is Shenomenal every week. The show is informative and inspirational. Each guest brings something new and refreshing and Tasha asks great, thought provoking questions. I appreciate how transparent the guest are and I enjoy the occasional perspective of men that appear on the show.. Everyone should check it out." -- S. Cowan

"If you have never attended any of Tasha Champion's events you are TRULY missing out. Today was so beautiful and inspiring. I've been MIA from social media and not very accessible to many ppl because my life has been hectic and overwhelming to the point where I was almost at a breaking point. But today I was renewed and reassured. Tasha's calling is anointed and everything she does and connected to is GOLD."

--D. Jeter

Our approach to live a Shenomenal life

We believe in supporting holistic alignment of mind, body, soul, and spirit through transformative practices that nourish every aspect of your being.

Our four pillars are:

Honor Your Truth

Embracing your truth empowers you to live in alignment with your values and aspirations, fostering a deep sense of authenticity and purpose in every aspect of

your journey.


Allows you to embrace your strengths and imperfections, leading to genuine self-love and inner peace. By accepting yourself fully, you create space for growth,
live in alignment with your true values, enriching your journey with purpose and fulfillment.

Prioritizing Self-Care

Nourishes your mind, body, and spirit, enabling you to show up authentically in pursuit of your dreams. By nurturing yourself first, you cultivate the resilience and vitality needed to navigate life's challenges with grace and pursue your passions with unwavering dedication..


Being grateful

awakens us to the abundance and beauty that surrounds us, fostering a profound sense of appreciation and fulfillment in every moment. Having gratitude for what you have brings more to be grateful for.


In the hustle and bustle of daily life, do you ever feel like something is missing? Like there's a longing deep within your soul, yearning to be heard and understood? You're not alone. So many of us journey through life carrying the weight of our own expectations and the burdens of others, all while silently wrestling with our own pain and insecurities.

As women, we're often taught to prioritize the needs of others above our own—to pour from an empty cup until there's nothing left for ourselves. We juggle countless roles and responsibilities, striving to be everything to everyone, yet somehow feeling like we're never enough. And in the midst of it all, we lose sight of our own worth and forget to nurture the most important relationship of all—the one with ourselves.

But here's the beautiful truth, dear friend: You have the power to rewrite your story. You have the power to reclaim your voice, your worth, and your happiness. Imagine a life where you no longer carry the weight of your pain and insecurities—a life where you walk in unapologetic joy and fulfillment, radiating love and light from the depths of your soul.

This journey of self-discovery and healing is not always easy. It requires courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to confront the shadows that lurk within. But with every step forward, you will uncover the strength and resilience that have always been within you. You will learn to set boundaries, prioritize self-care, and love yourself fiercely and unconditionally.

And as you embark on this journey, know that you are not alone. You have a tribe of sisters standing beside you, ready to support and uplift you every step of the way. Together, we will peel back the layers of pain and fear, revealing the radiant woman that lies beneath—a Shenomenal Woman, unapologetically and authentically herself.

Let's co-create this journey together. The world is waiting for the brilliance of your light to shine. It's time to rise, to soar, and to embrace the fullness of who you are—a Shenomenal Woman, beautifully and boldly you.

If You're Ready to Change Your Life, We're Ready to

Support Your Transformation

Discovery Call

Having a discovery call offers the opportunity to explore your goals, challenges, and aspirations in a supportive and empowering space, paving the way for transformative growth and clarity in your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

EmpowHERment Coaching/Mentoring

Combining mentoring with empowerment coaching offers a dynamic blend of personalized guidance, wisdom, and support to help you navigate challenges, cultivate resilience, and unlock your innate power, enabling you to step into your greatness and live a life of purpose, passion, and authenticity.

Shenomenal Academy

With our new monthly subscription, you'll receive a new lesson filled with insightful teachings, engaging worksheets, and empowering activities designed to nurture self-love, foster growth, provide encouragement, and guide you towards living your purpose with clarity and confidence.

Shenomenal Events

Experience the transformative power of sisterhood and self-discovery at Shenomenal events. From monthly sister circles to annual retreats and brunches, our gatherings provide nurturing spaces for women to invest in personal growth and meaningful connections. Join us in reclaiming your power, fostering self-love, and living vibrantly and purposefully.

Parenting With Purpose

Parenting with Purpose is dedicated to establishing a solid groundwork for families, fostering a healthier, more nurturing environment where both parents and children can truly flourish. Our workshops empower parents by providing insights into their own actions and emotional well-being, highlighting how these factors shape their parenting style and influence their relationship with their children.

Supportive Souls Sister Circle

Monthly sister circles offer a vital space for women to gather, share, and support one another on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment. In these circles, women can find solace, understanding, and inspiration, fostering deep connections and personal growth in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Simplicity Biz Blueprint

Get simple and easy to follow videos to grow your business and earn income. The Simplicity Biz Blueprint gives you step by step instructions on building funnels, sales pages, email automations and more. You also get training on how to create digital products like journals and planners. This is a one stop shop to grow business in simple ways.

Living My Best Shenomenal Life

Everyday I choose to celebrate the life I live with intention, purpose, and being a part of change.

Celebrate Life

Be Intentional

Live on Purpose

Be A Part of Change


"Tasha has a profound perspective on life that she delivers in such a way that it changes your mindset almost instantly and downloads this higher enlightened way of thinking that evolves your life over time because it will directly challenge your mentality. That mental state will ultimately affect how you operate in your goals in every area of your life because the perspective that she downloads is necessary to achieve the kind of life you want to produce. Direction is necessary, but a new way of thinking will be what allows you to gain the direction and the will to walk in it."

Jireh S.

“Tasha has a unique ability to attract and inspire a diversity of people to “Lean in and move forward”. Her zest for life and living at our optimum best is contagious. Whether it be through community and/or professional affiliations, I welcome and look forward to opportunities to partner and promote this extraordinary WOMAN of resilience and joy!”

Regina B.

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